Anhui Pei Ke Machinery Co., Ltd.



Specializes in material handling

The company is a professional design and production enterprise specializing in weightlessness feeding system, metering batching system and material pneumatic conveying system.

Wide range of applications

It mainly deals with chemical, medical, food, chemical fiber, engineering plastics, powder coatings, automobile manufacturing, mobile phone manufacturing and many other fields.
The purpose of improving the enterprise

The company's designers have many years of experience in system development and system commissioning, and have participated in many large-scale integrated system projects.
Excellent after-sale service

For customers to do a full range of after-sale technical services, customer feedback problems can be timely response and sincere attitude, improve customer productivity.
——    Our advantages    ——
——     Projects and Applications   ——
Assembly site
Key Laboratory
Shandong Lubei group xinkinetic energy lithium battery weight loss batching production line
Production site of spray melting cloth
TPU casting film continuous extrusion weight loss batching production line
Cable material granulation
Ma'anshan Keda lithium battery weight loss batching production line
SEBS medical rubber plug production line
Jiangsu beiteri three component nano lithium titanate precursor weight loss batching system
Ahout us

   With more than 12 years of design and manufacturing experience, we have been dedicated to the industrial solution for the full variety of loss-in-weight feeders, which have been widely and successfully applied in the field like chemistry industry, engineering plastics, cable, food processing , pharmaceutical, building materials etc. In addition,  we are also specializing  the whole line solution for weight, feeding, packing and robotic stacking for  above industries.   Taking  the advantage of a very convenient location, our factory is only 30 kilometers away from Nanjing and many express way and railway is easily accessible to our place, like JINGHU railway、HURONG railway and G40, ChuMa expressway.  With more than 60,000㎡ area, plus our advanced facilities, strict and standardized manufacturing process, the quality of our product can be always guaranteed for the customers.

——   NEWS   ——

March 2017, Flexible hopper for powders feeder  invented.

October 2016, vibration feeder invented.

September 2015, GMP certified our products on pharmaceuti...

August 2015, developed long glass fiber on-line feeder.

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